Sales Quicklister Service – Terms & Conditions

Services included in the Sales Quicklister service are:

  • Property valuation guide
  • Use of the Cocoon Quicklister platform
  • Account manager phone and email support
  • Comprehensive web portal marketing
  • Notifications of buyer enquiries
  • Offer negotiation on your behalf
  • Solicitor instruction via memorandum of sale


Owner Consent

When instructing Cocoon to market your property for sale you hereby confirm that you have authorisation from all legal owners and occupiers of the property, and any person with an interest in the marketing and or sale of the property, to do so.

You also confirm that you have authorisation from the same, to accept a purchasers offer subject to contract, and proceed to exchange legally binding contracts.

Marketing & Payment

You will be liable to pay remuneration to Cocoon in full prior to Cocoon marketing the property. Payment is made via a secure payment gateway integrated into our website. Credit or Debit card information used to purchase products or services through Cocoon will never be stored on our systems.

The marketing period is 6 months from the first day of marketing, or until an offer has been accepted by you and solicitors instructed. Should a sale not be agreed within the 6-month period, service extensions can be arranged on a 2 monthly basis at a cost of £59 (inc VAT) per extension.

Cocoon will make you aware of all parties interested in viewing the property and provide contact details and relevant purchaser information. It is the responsibility of the vendor to contact interested parties to arrange viewings. You will be responsible for conducting each property viewing unless our accompanied viewing service has been paid for.

Cocoon shall notify you of all offers it receives to purchase your property and endeavour to negotiate offers to an agreed sale price.

Cocoon will not refund marketing fees if a marketed property does not sell.

Identification & Proof of ownership

You will be asked to provide identification and proof of ownership documents prior to Cocoon marketing your property. These will typically be a copy of your passport, mortgage statement, recent utility bill (within 3 months) or property deed. Cocoon will carry out a ‘Know Your Customer Check’ (KYC) using your ID document to ensure compliance with Money Laundering Regulations.

Energy Performance Certificate

You must provide Cocoon with a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). If you do not have an EPC Cocoon can arrange for this to be completed at a cost of £89 (inc VAT).

Property Details

Cocoon will create your property listing using the information and images provided and will seek your approval before putting the property live on the property portals. You will ensure that all information and photographs are accurate and current and reflect exactly the property being marketed for sale.

Once marketing has been approved by you your listing will be advertised as soon as reasonably practicable.

Cocoon reserves the right in all cases to refuse photographs or descriptions that are inaccurate, inappropriate or misleading to prospective purchasers. If an advert is deemed by Cocoon to be non-publishable no full or part refund will be applicable.

Your property will be advertised on the property portals set out on our website; however Cocoon reserve the right to change or terminate partnerships with any marketing third party at any time.


You will be responsible for contacting and arranging viewing appointments with the interested parties we send to you. However, if Cocoon are conducting viewings on your behalf, we will notify you of the date, time and contact name for each viewing and provide 24 hours’ notice of each viewing. You agree to provide one full set of keys for a Cocoon representative to hold for the duration of marketing to access your property at agreed times for viewing purposes only.


Cocoon will communicate to you all offers made by prospective purchasers and endeavour to negotiate between the parties to reach an agreeable sale price. Once offers have been presented we will take instructions from you as to whether you wish to accept, reject or counter offer to the interested party.

If a sale is agreed Cocoon will send memorandums detailing the agreed sale price and interested parties to the solicitors representing each party.

Sales Progression  

If using our sales progression service your account manager (or other member of staff) will contact the instructed solicitors a minimum of once a week to check on the progress of your sale. Notes of all correspondence will be held on our systems and you will be able to contact your account manager to request updates during the post-sale process at any time.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Cocoon UK will collect, process, and use your personal data to market your property, keep you informed about the progress of your sale and to exchange information with third parties such as solicitors, surveyors and other estate agents who may be linked to the transaction.

You agree to our holding, sharing and processing your personal data as outlined above until you tell us in writing to stop.

Additional Services

If instructed by you Cocoon will enlist third party contractors to carry out works such as energy performance certificates, floorplans, conveyancing, mortgage advice, and marketing boards. Cocoon may receive referral commission payments from third party suppliers as part of your transaction. Whilst Cocoon endeavour to work with trusted and reputable suppliers we will not be held liable for any grievance or complaint towards a third-party supplier.

Cancellations & Refunds

You can withdraw your advert at any time; however Cocoon will not refund or part refund money for services already purchased.

Services to Prospective Purchasers

Cocoon, or a connected person or firm may offer and/or provide to the prospective purchasers of your property related services such as insurance, financial services or conveyancing.



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