Find A Property
Find A Property

Three hosted open house viewings,
intense buyer competition

Common in the US and Australia, multi agent collaboration and open house viewings intensify competition among buyers

Suited to higher value property, Cocoon can engage with multiple local agents, share buyer databases, and channel buyer demand into ‘open house’ viewings, extracting the very best offers from any sales market.

Social proof

As much as we can tell buyers a particular property is popular, there is no proof better than witnessing the popularity first hand. Collective reinforcement gives buyers confidence in making a purchase decision.


There is only one of your property. Fear of missing out on the perfect property is a powerful driver of purchasing desire.


The necessity to fight off the competition to secure a property ensures buyers submit their best offer, rather than fishing for a bargain.
  • Day 1: Marketing Live
  • Day 3: Open house for Agents
  • Day 6: Buyer open house 1
  • Day 13: Buyer open house 2
  • Day 20: Buyer open house 3
  • Day 23: Offer Deadline
  • Day 25: Best & Final offers
  • Day 26: Offer accepted
  • Day 30: Solicitors instructed

The Process


We instruct our platinum photography partners to deliver the highest quality marketing.

Buyer enquiry
price range

We will employ a ‘buyer enquiry price range’ to ensure a high price ceiling and to maximise buyer enquiries.

Multi listing

We offer a commission share to other local estate agents to incentivise database sharing and buyer introduction via the MLS (Multi Listing Service) network.

Open House Viewings

We funnel all buyers into just 3, 1 hour long open houses over 3 consecutive Saturdays. Multiple viewings over a short time period generate a sense of urgency and competition among buyers.

offer deadline

A predefined offer deadline is set and communicated to all buyers to ensure timely commitment from interested parties.

Best & final

Once offers are submitted we will present all buyer profiles to you before requesting ‘best & final offers’ from all interested parties.

Finalise the

By this point it is likely a premium price level has been achieved and we will accept the most desirable buyer profile to proceed with and instruct solicitors to finalise the transaction.

Sell your property the smarter way, for the best price, in the least amount of time.

+44 20 3006 3515

The Result

Rickmans Lane, Billingshurst
Owner price expectation:
Buyer enquiry range:
£1m - 1.3m
Cocoon price achieved:
Joseph’s Road, Guildford
Owner price expectation:
Buyer enquiry range:
£400,000 - £450,000
Cocoon price achieved:
The Grove, Teddington
Owner price expectation:
Buyer enquiry range:
£1.3m - £1.5m
Cocoon price achieved:
What’s your property worth?

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